Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Slicer Party #SOL23 RSVP

Slicer Leigh Anne Eck is an exceptional hostess. Once again, she is hostessing an online slicer party during the last weeks of the 16th Annual March Slice of Life Challenge. Below is the beautiful invitation that was posted on Leigh Anne's blog, One Day in the Life, on March 16th. 

This year, Leigh Anne is inviting slicers to think about our best colors. In 2021, she found a slice by a fellow slicer, Deborah Dillon, and decided that her thought, "The best colors are everywhere because they are in the things I love.. would become our RSVP to Leigh Anne's party. 

to the party, I will bring:
a poetic bouquet of springtime colors
scented in lavender
against nature's fields of green-
twigs of cherry blossoms
from Virginia's trees-
delicate forsythias to
add to a funnel-shaped vase-
spring adds colors to
liven earth,
freshen each heart,
offer renewal
©CVarsalona, 2023
Photos from Unsplash

Robin Williams stated, "Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party." Yes, thank you Leigh Anne for suggesting a party of colors. May the colors of the earth provide a joyful experience for all at your party.



  1. Parties are fun. Colorful parties, even better, livened and freshened (love your diction!) by vivid splashes.

    1. Brian, it is good to hear from you. I do enjoy parties and especially, love to decorate so a color party is just what winter needed as she walked on by to open the nature's next step.

  2. Carol, these springtime colors will bring a festive air to any party. Add them to goods friends and conversation and you have a party that lasts for hours.

    1. Bob, your comments are always filled with bits of inspiration. In this case, your thoughts can be designed as an equation poem: springtime colors+good friends+conversation=recipe for a festive party.

  3. Thank you for joining and writing such a beautifully colored poem! I love that lsat stanza, espcially the line about spring colors freshening each heart. I do feel this each spring! I will add you to the guest list!

    1. Leigh Anne, it is always a pleasure to be invited to your Slicer parties. Thanks for adding me to the guest list.

  4. Carol, your color poem is gorgeous. As always, your images bring it to life. Those cherry blossoms with a splash of green around the edges is my favorite color here today.