Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Slicer Meet Up

The power of a Zoom meet-up is the conversation, exchange of information, and comfort of talking from home. 

Late yesterday afternoon, I read that Two Writing Teachers offered teacher workshops on Zoom. I missed the afternoon class but signed up with the thought that the windstorm would cease and my husband and son would be able to chase down the cushion to my patio chase lounge before the meet-up began. So at 8:00 pm, I turned on Zoom but the strangest thing happened. I could hear Tammy Evans and Erica J. speaking to each other but the video kept going on and off.  I tried the restart and the update buttons but that did not resurrect the video. After about 5 minutes of trying to Zoom with the slicers, I finally accomplished the task and had a wonderful hour of constant talk. It was like being with friends I have not seen in a very long time. 

It was great chatting about new formats we found at other slicers' blogs, how we get our ideas, and slicer blogs that we enjoy reading. I started to use the "Currently" format then changed my mind. I decided to use a simple poetic format, the hay(na)ku, that I shared at my recent professional development keynote address on Zoom for RSCS- Reading Specialist Council in Suffolk County, Long Island.

A new format for writing challenges: the hay(na)ku
-PD slide I provided for classroom or personal use-

Other samples for student use during  
SOLSC for students and National Poetry Month:

small poems
celebrate students' thoughts
lifts spirits
beyond printed pages
slicer stories
gifts to friends
Hay(an)kus written by ©CVarsalona, 2023

 It's time to join Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Story Challenge - Day 15.


  1. Carol, it took the 3rd time for me to be able to leave a comment. What is going on? I like the hay(na)ku form, especially the last one about slicer stories. I'm glad you enjoyed the slicer workshop. I went to the gathering last Sunday morning. It's always fun to see our friends on screen and chat.

    1. I think we are blessed to have wonderful writing groups, Ramona. Zoom makes communication easy. I still think SJT should hold a Zoom meet-up. Thanks for leaving a comment. I am not sure what is happening to comments. I also have trouble on some sites.

  2. Carol, I was not familiar with this form of poetry. I like the simplicity of it, yet it makes a powerful impact. Really show the importance of the chosen words.

    1. Several of the Poetry Friday ladies excel with different forms of haiku. That's how I found out about Hay(na)ku.

  3. I have never heard of this form before! I'll definitely have to try it -- I adore simple poetry forms like this. I had fun chatting with you as well -- once zoom cooperated.

    1. Erica, that was certainly weird when I could only hear you and Tammy. You never know how mishaps come to be. Can you please send me your Twitter handle and email address to add to the contact info I set up.