Thursday, March 16, 2023

Packing Dilemma

Are you an organized packer? My husband, son, and I are packing for a weekend trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I started helping my son organize his clothes yesterday and thought that I would not have too much of a problem. Well, that thought was incorrect. Since we are going to a wedding there are several events that need different clothes. With the way the weather has been lately, I have been hesitant about what to bring. It's puzzlement so wish me luck. Follow my path during this weekend because we have never traveled to Pittsburgh.

 It's time to join Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Story Challenge - Day 16.


  1. I hate packing but my husband claims to be the world's best at packing. Whenever we pack these days we are always taking resources to our school in India, which tends to be a nightmare revolving around weight issues. Hope you enjoy Pittsburgh!

  2. Carol, I am not a good packer. I tend to overpack. I have been in Pittsburg a few times for conferences. Last one was in October which was held in the Cranberry section. It is about a 5 hour drive for me.
    Safe travels and enjoy the wedding and the trip.

  3. I despise packing, and I'm horrible at it. My husband, however, is the pro - thankfully, for our family!!