Sunday, March 26, 2023

Grandpa's Birthday

"Birthdays are special events in my family." 

The birthday person has the privilege of choosing the food and cake of the day. It is up to the family to organize the day with favorites and have a cake ready, whether it is homemade or bakery-bought. Homemade cakes were delicious specialty items for the birthday person. That tradition has lasted throughout the years as did the signing of Happy Birthday. My mother baked and designed a cake around a theme chosen by the birthday person. An at-home party with friends was also a favorite. Presents followed. I will never forget my father-in-law's tale of his childhood birthdays. "When I was a little boy, my birthday meant I could have an extra meatball for dinner." That story has been told many times to my children and now to the grandgirls. Each person has their own recollection of a childhood birthday with the family. I remember standing on a chair so I could blow out all of my candles while everyone sang Happy Birthday.

Today was my husband's birthday. He has been talking about a prime rib dinner for the last two weeks but last night, all of us decided to try an Italian restaurant, The Esposito's Fairfax, with authentic Italian recipes. Of course, this reminded me of my Nonnie's fabulous homemade pasta, huge pots of pasta sauce, and fried meatballs. 

Each person has their own recollection of a childhood birthday with the family. I remember standing on a chair so I could blow out all of my candles while everyone sang Happy Birthday. 

Birthdays are special!

As the king or queen of the day,
You choose the storyline.

As the years pass on,
Recollections of cakes, candles, and song
Build a bridge of happy memories.
©CVarsalona, 2023
Happy Birthday, Richard!
Happy Birthday, Dad!
Happy Birthday, Grandpa!
Best Presents from Sierra and Aurora
Happy Birthday signs, a handmade crown, and a delicious cake

On each birthday, let's remember this inspirational quote from Emily Dickinson,
"We turn older with years but newer every day."
My Slice of Life
16th Annual March SOLSC! #SOL23


  1. Carol, love Richard's crown. The best gifts are always the homemade ones because you know the time and love that went into creating them. Special days are made for creating special memories. All the smiles in the pictures speak to the happy day. Please wish Richard a Happy Birthday for me.

    1. Bob, thank you for your lovely comments and wishes for Richard's birthday. The crown made by Sierra was a thoughtful gesture. Special memories were captured in photos and artwork. The cake was absolutely delicious and the seven of us finished the cake-not even crumbs were left.

  2. Everything about your slice is beautiful. I love the memories from old and the memories still being built. Every birthday we get to celebrate here on earth is a gift. The family and friends are the blessings!

    1. Thank you, Anonymous, for your comment especially the last line. I wish I knew who you are.

  3. Carol, beautiful writing & photos full of love! I especially love the cards made by your granddaughters & the crown. Your granddaughters have gotten so big! They are adorable; I can see the resemblance through the generations. Happy birthday 🎈 to your husband! Thank you for sharing your joy. 😻

    1. Gail, thank you for dropping by and commenting. My older grandgirl loves to create cards for others and the crown she made was well done. The birthday party was filled with love and loving wishes.