Tuesday, March 14, 2023

March Winds

As I made my way to my exercise class this morning, the winds of March blew throughout our community.  A Christina Rossetti poem reminded me that she, too, felt the strength of the wind in the 19th Century. She asked an interesting question at the onset of her two-stanza poemWho has seen the wind?

I may not have seen the wind early this morning, but my friends and I certainly felt its chill and force. In the late afternoon, the March wind continued to roar even louder while I sat in the house. My patio became dishshelved and the top of the table umbrella broke off.

Yes, the wind was forceful today so I say, HANG ON to your patio furniture, dress in layers, and WONDER what's next.

Pinterest Winter Art

Who has seen the winds of March
come rummaging by?
Picking up furniture, as if
he's the strongest guy.
His strength and power
swoops everything in sight
within one single hour
he soars into the night.
©CVarsalona, 2023
Parents, Teachers, and Librarians: 
As the winter winds of March come roaring in like a lion, have some fun with children. Read Wonderopolis - Wonder of the Day #1407 and check out the fun activities for a science lesson.
Write a poem like I did to get ready for April's Poetry Month, or listen to music(see below).
You are my child
You came like the winds of march
With all the love in your eyes
You are my child
You came like the morning lights
With all your love, in your eyes.

Stanza three of Winds of March, a song by Journey. 


As the wind continues its willful path of making the tall trees sway and

bushes shimmy, I wave goodbye and join

 Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Story Challenge - Day 14.


  1. Carol, we sat at the dining room table today and watched the trees in the park being bent by the wind. The bird feeders were swaying wildly. The little birds had to hang on. Hopefully they will diminish during the night.

    1. Bob, do you have snow also? We are traveling to Pittsburg for a wedding on Friday and hope the trip will not have weather issues.

    2. Are you attending the slicer workshop tonight? I am waiting for the host to start the meeting.