Monday, March 20, 2023

Pennsylvania Welcomes Tourists

As we traveled to Pittsburgh for a framily wedding, I saw this sign and knew I had to photograph it. It became the opening of the photo album I created for the wedding couple. It is an inspirational slogan created by the Pennsylvania Tourism Partnership. Karen Winner Sed, Co-Chair of the PTP stated, "Happiness is a universal aspiration. Whether you are looking to explore the outdoors a historical attraction, or an urban setting the overarching motivator is happiness." Happiness flowed throughout the wedding weekend. Smiles were everywhere but it did not take a sign to bring out the sunshine that lit up faces. Happiness is an inward emotion that does bring smiles.

 What made me happy this weekend in Pittsburgh?
  • The Priory Hotel was a beautiful setting for an elegant wedding. It was built in 1888 and was refurbished beautifully.
  • It was such a joyous moment when I was able to hug all my framily friends and enjoy special times with them. There are now several new little ones to bring love and laughter into our group.
  • The wedding was a beautiful celebration of a dear couple who were embarking on their own pursuit of happiness journey.
  • We took a brief walk through a part of Pittsburgh's history, the Strip District filled with boutique stores, larger shops, and restaurants. While it was cold outside, it was still fun seeing what Pittsburgh shopping offered. The long street reminded me of shopping in China Town in New York City.
  • The drive home was pleasant and we had a delicious meal in a restaurant we love that is only an hour away from home. 
Because we were busy all weekend, I missed a couple of slices. Tonight, I am joining, Two Writing Teachers for their Slice of Life Story Challenge, Day 20.


  1. It’s so hard to keep up when one is traveling, isn’t it? Carol, you have such a lovely way of seeing the world snd it’s beauty. That always impresses me about you. Did you visit August Wilson’s neighborhood while in Pittsburgh?

  2. Carol, glad you had a safe trip and a wonderful weekend with family and friends as you wished a new couple well as they begin their life's journey together. Pennsylvania does have lots to offer, but then I am a bit biased.

  3. So much happiness and celebration in this post, Carol! I love this word, "Framily". It's a new one for me. The photos are so lovely and I know exactly what you mean by shopping in Chinatown on Canal Street in NYC.

  4. What a thoroughly wonderful weekend. There's nothing like spending time with family and friends. The pics are beautiful!