Monday, April 27, 2015


As our lives move in constant motion with daily tasks, work expectations, household needs, and family commitments, we need to rethink living. Today is #CelebrateMonday so find peace and contentment in all that you do. 

In a world that doesn't stop moving,
time needs space to kick back.
Pause and reflect.
Feel the vibes of contentment
in nature's simplicity,
knowing that 
springtime peace
awaits you!

In the quiet of silent spring
find natural beauty surrounding you.
Just open your eyes to observe 
nature following your footsteps. 
Leave the hectic pace behind.
Listen to the sounds of
spring's symphony
preparing tunes of mirth.
Be filled with the music of life
as you walk the world
searching for serenity.
At the close of the day, be filled with peace. While blossoms are late this year and the weather is not near as springy as we would like, there is a transformation occurring. Life is being renewed. Spring is in the air.

At Mary Lee Hahn's PO-EMotions, contentment is the emotion of the day. I am content word weaving as I am in awe of springtime life. 

Please visit PO-EMotions along with #digipoety as we continue to celebrate National Poetry Month.

Thank you for joining my Poetry Parade.

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