Saturday, April 4, 2015

Celebrating Poetry

Even when you have a household of stomach virus victims, you can find time to celebrate. I have tried to let positivity and faith guide my walk each day, even during the attack of the stomach bug. I celebrate the power of faith that brings positivity into my life. I, also, celebrate poetry today. You will see that my Poetry Parade is leading the way for my writing this month. 

Stomach bugs, nasty creatures,
Lysol here to destroy your features.
Swoosh! Shoo Away! 
Grab your one-way ticket out today.

   30 seconds away you go!

Disinfecting my home you say,
99.9% sure to bid bugs away.
Open windows, fresh air in-
Start the healing; press the pin. 

   30 seconds away you go!

Good by bugs, hello spring-
no more germs to stay and cling.
Squirt! Squish!
Renewed feelings, a perfect wish!

Thank you for joining my Poetry Parade today. May your holiday weekend be filled with happiness as you breathe in the fresh air of spring. Happy Poetry Month.

Drum Role Please: Free photo from MorgueFile - digitalized at PicMonkey

Now take a stroll over to Ruth Ayres' Celebrate This Week
Ruth's blog is a memorable one today, ending with the statement, 
"This is why I celebrate -- ragged and tattered and scarred -- because celebration isn't lack of hard, it is the werewithal to walk through the hard." 

I am also posting this poem at #digipoetry where writers are composing poems for a month-long celebration of poetry. Please visit this site also.

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