Saturday, April 11, 2015

Celebrate the Possible

This week has been an exercise in celebrating the possible despite challenges. The stomach bug invaded my household on Holy Thursday, making Easter Sunday a most unusual one in a physical sense. However, the spiritual message of hope and renewal filled my space. 

-I celebrate faith and family during Easter week. Although Easter was not the same this year with my daughter and son-in-law not able to come to Long Island because the household was contagious, the message of Easter was honored. See the poem written for Resurrection Sunday here

-I celebrate a day trip to New York City even though traffic, congestion, and parking were determiners to how we spent our day. With all those issues, it was still exciting to travel from Long Island to find one new spot in New York City to explore and one new moment to savor. The trip to see the Survivor Tree at the 9/11 Memorial which I wrote about in a previous blog, Survivor Tree Speaks, did not happen but the afternoon drive through different parts of Manhattan, World Trade Center area, Chelsea, Soho, and the Bowery lighting district, were enjoyable. 

-I celebrate a family dinner at a well-known restaurant that sufficed for our missed one at Easter.

-I celebrate poetry that is being showcased during National Poetry Month at #digipoetry, a site created by Margaret Simon and at Mary Lee Hahn's Po-emotions site where the word of the day is despair. 


I spent the day trying to find the words to capture the emotion of despair that is on the other side of the possible. When at Mass tonight, the gospel reading revolved around the story of doubting Thomas, a favorite of mine. Thomas needed reassurance that Jesus Christ had risen. I thought, how many times do people move from doubt to despair when answers are not given? After Mass, words swirled and swayed until they found a home. Thomas did not move to despair because Jesus provided the possible. 

On the Fringe of Despair

Not hearing His voice
or feeling His presence, I'm
empty and alone.
CVarsalona © 2015. All Rights Reserved

Thank you for joining my Poetry Parade today. Celebrate the possible to turn thoughts to positive thinking.

Now turn your attention to Ruth Ayres' site, Celebrate This Week, where her courage and vulnerability as a mother and writer are visible in her blogging life. Please peruse the pieces of the many other writers who share Ruth's celebration space. 

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