Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Celebrating Blogger's Voice

When Alabama southern charm met New York voice a happening occurred. Last night, #NYEDChat and #ALedchat joined together to Celebrate Blogger's Voice. The merger of the two state chats into one unit, #NYALedchat, created an explosion of thought and trended on Twitter. Voice was emphasized and celebrated by a variety of educators and thought leaders.  

The connection started months ago when Jennifer Hogan and Dr. Holly Sutherland, #ALedchat moderators, met two #NYEDChat moderators, Dennis Schug and me, on the Twitter channels.  A virtual, collegial friendship began and from this connection a new chat group, #NYALedchat, grew. #NYEDChat moderators welcomed the idea and we prepared for a chat for a Twitter audience. The event was publicized and leaders gathered to converse. You can read the Chirpstory that Lisa Meade, #NYEDChat co-moderator, created from the Twitter chat here

Understanding that voice plays a significant role in shaping ideas and movements, the topic, Celebrating Blogger's Voice, proved to be a worthy one. Diverse perspectives openly expressed their thoughts to questions revolving around the 5 W's and H. It was a grand idea to merge an old school questioning technique with a new school environment and methods of communicating. Learning flowed like water from virtual spaces. 

My takeaway from the conversation: it is important to realize that all voices matter as we continue to impact life, teaching, and learning. Utilizing social platforms to converse, we flatten our walls and reach out to others for support and continued knowledge. In this connected space, we grow as learners of life. 
When we allow reflective thoughts to form in our inner spirits, voice itches to take flight. Voice shapes our being, frames our journey, and sets our path. Within each word that springs forth is a golden thread that is woven to form a tapestry of thought. 

My advice to those new to blogging and tweeting:
Write from the heart.
 Find your inner voice.
Let it fly. 
It has wings that will soar into the sky. 

The poem below is a composition created after the #NYALedchat to showcase the wonder of expressive thought.

A Poetic Composition
On Blogger's Voice

Perhaps hidden in the recesses of your spirit,
you will find your inner voice.
It wiggles; has a short encounter with doubt.
At times, it moves cautiously outward
weaving a tapestry of thought.
Other times, itching to take flight,
it engages in a leap of faith.

In a sea of talk, your words float,
ideas rush in, spin, churn, 
then recede, reflect and turn 
in a quick backward flow.
In this sea of talk, voices rise,
linguistic floodgates open.  
Beyond regions, connections grow 
and new channels of communication form.

Continue in earnest to explore ideas.
Engage in virtual and face-to-face spaces.
Pursue perspectives. Seek creative outlets.
Immerse yourself in accountable talk.
Then, sit back to reflect; linger in the moment.
As you connect, emerge as one
unified body of practitioners of life. 

Carol Varsalona © 2015


On Tuesdays, Two Writing Teachers offer space for writers to create a slice. Since my experience last night was so rewarding, I decided to pen my thoughts as Tuesday's Slice of Life. You can read other slices here.

Mary Lee Hahn offers space to contribute to her PO-EMotions. Yesterday's word was wonder. I offer my poem, On Blogger's Voice, to explore the wonder of expressive thought. 

You can find many more poetry selections for National Poetry Month at #digipoetry, a site created by Margaret Simon.  

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