Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Poetry Parade

Design created by Leigh Anne Eck
#digipoetry created by Margaret Simon

It was past midnight and I was still writing when I realized that there were pesky critters invading my space. Was this an April Fool's joke or a reality? First, I was bit by a flying bug and then my computer crashed. Oh, no! Two hours worth of work on my new gallery of artistic expressions taken over by the cyberspace varmint. Would I be able to rescue my designs? 

Do you know the expression, Don't rain on my parade? Well, my poetry parade was as wet as it could be. I was drowning in the discovery that I would have to go back to my original collected posts and recreate their placement in the gallery. This is an April Fool's joke that I shall never forget.

The digitalized pairing of my "Double LL" poem and photo survived the April Fool's computer crash but the source of the photo did not. This turned out to be a minor issue since I could easily search the internet for the content-specific photo that I remixed with my original poem. While I am not a science teacher, literacy in the content area is one of the professional development workshops I present so I enjoyed this challenge offered by fellow blogger, Jone MacCulloch. In creating this poem, I decided to put a literary spin on the journey of alluvium to its resting spot. Perhaps, a science teacher would have a different perspective to offer me. 

Happy National Poetry Month 2015.
Please come back to join me as I continue to weave words into a tapestry of thought for my Poetry Parade.

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