Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Drum Roll Please for Kwame Alexander

When Michelle H. Barnes challenged writers to her Ditty of the Month Challenge, I knew that I would try to write a clerihew on one of my favorite authors who has risen to celebrity fame this year.
Drum Roll please for Kwame Alexander

The story began one fall day in 2007. A tall, young man stood in front of a crowded New York State English Conference session. His smile lit the room and his words swirled like magical stars across the sky. His passion spilled over and drew in the participants. I was there. I was mesmerized by his words. This young man's name rolled like sugar across the tongue. From that serendipitous meeting, I knew that Kwame Alexander would rise to fame so I decided to bring him to Long Island to wow students and adults with his talent for word weaving. 
I enjoy words and enjoy when you can make children and adults have an emotional response to words. -Kwame Alexander
A friendship grew over the years. Kwame enthusiastically filled Long Island classrooms and conference rooms with engaging poetry read-alouds. His infectious love for language made others appreciate his artistry. I have had the pleasure of introducing him as the keynote speaker at the Long Island Language Arts Council/Nassau Reading Council Spring Conference, making him a spaghetti dinner (one of his favorite foods), and calling him friend. I have watched his career grow and soar and have applauded him for the many accolade he has received, the latest being the 2015 John Newbery Medal for the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children, The Crossover.

Over the Years:



Clerihews were introduced to me by Kwame in 2007 so in honor of my friend, I pen this one for Michelle Barnes' Clerihew Ditty.   

Kwame is the current word weaver king,
spreading "the love" that language will bring.
As poet extraordinaire, family man, and spaghetti lover,
he tells great tales, but from his little one runs for cover.

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