Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bring Spring Inside

While the weather has been a bit cool for spring fever to rise, there are ways to bring spring to life inside your home. I have been redecorating with the theme of renewal. As I pack up objects that have I have treasured through out the winter, I think spring. With a thoughtful eye, I rearrange and redecorate to brighten the home with color.

Turquoise has been the trendy color of the season. Looking for turquoise colored pillows for my newly renovated family room led me shopping tonight. After a few weeks of searching I found what I thought would add a touch of spring to the room. Alongside turquoise vases, plates, and towels were my lucky find. I am proud that I made the right color choice to brighten my house. 

While I wait for the Mother Nature to sprinkle the earth with dustings of color and blossoms of variegated hues, I intermix faux flowers and branches to bring spring inside. Words float in my mind creating a poetic expression of color fitting of spring. 

As I surf the internet tonight searching for decorating ideas, I come across a blog post in which the author shares the same feelings I have about spring's late to the show entrance. Bringing spring inside helps me think spring. Soon, spring will decide to find a home and enjoy a much anticipated stay. 



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