Friday, April 10, 2015

What If?

With extreme weather conditions changing day to day living and moods, positive thinking needs to be present. While the weatherman predicted warmth and sunshine for today, gray skies and light rain greeted my family's day trip to New York City. What follows is a poem that found its way into my Poetry Parade. 

What if possible was the opening line?

-a day of foggy gray 
    would sigh waiting to
    unfold into sunset
-a city of constant motion 
    would take a breath,
    stilling the noise
-a negative space 
    would be spritzed, 
    inviting freshness in

What if possible is the opening line?
CVarsalona © 2015. All Rights Reserved

As you may know from last weekend's posts, life interrupted my flow just before Easter weekend when the stomach bug invaded my house. The designing of the Winter Whisperings Gallery was on hold. Now, I am ready to continue the creation and unveil it so a spring gallery can eventually sigh. 

Photo taken in the Bowery lighting district, NYC today and digitalized with PicMonkey

Stay tuned for news on the unveiling of the Winter Whisperings Gallery 
for National Poetry Month

Now enjoy Poetry Friday offerings at Laura Purdie Salas' site, Writing the World for Kids, where Laura continues her month long series of Poetry Tips for Teachers. Along with Laura's tip #8 and delightful poem, Spaghetti, you will find a variety of posts celebrating National Poetry Month.

This poem is also being offered for #digipoetry, created by Margaret Simon, where many bloggers are continuing to celebrate writing 
during National Poetry Month.

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