Friday, April 24, 2015

Fashion Forward

During my the early years of my marriage, I was fascinated by the Victorian era. I spent many a weekend antiquing, reading about era, and decorating my home. I was so immersed in the time period that my personal email name became lady1890, an antique/vintage clothing collection was stored in a costume trunk for children's pleasure, and a Victorian Tea Birthday Party was held for five-year-ols. A few years later, I designed various school-wide, young historian projects that featured artifact collections and docents dressed in period costume. For those events, I found a pair of Victorian bloomers with lace edging that I proudly wore with a white cotton dress, vintage-looking heels, a jeweled flag pin, gloves, and a fetching hat. The photo is unavailable but the memories remain.  

My poem today is written for Laura Shovan's clothing poem project, What Are You Wearing. Today's clothing poem prompt is vintage.

Pantaloons were once the rage -
fashion-forward, no runway stage -
plain or fancy, crisp cotton drawers,
adorned many female bodies of yore.

Wearing them was quite a feat
for Victorian ladies-a lingerie treat?
But modern wear can be fun
when you have a costume run.

just be careful your bloomers don't show.
you wouldn't want to shock your beau. 
CVarsalona © 2015. All Rights Reserved

Today, Poetry Friday is being hosted by Renee LaTulippe at No Water Rising. There you will find a variety of offerings to celebrate poetry during National Poetry Month and Renee's handy Poetry Friday 101 ntoice to learn more about the weekly Friday event.

A special thanks goes out to Jama Rattigan for including Winter Whisperings Gallery on her 2015 National Poetry Month Kidlitosphere Events Roundup. In the online gallery poems from some Poetry Friday contributors and a featured poem by J. Patrick Lewis, the originator of the zeno can be found.

This month, poetry is alive at #digipoetry (site created by Margaret Simon and logo by Leigh Anne Eck). Please visit. 

Thank you for joining my Poetry Parade. I will continue to celebrate poetry during the month of May when I will start collecting offerings for the online global gallery of artistic expressions, Spring's Symphony. Please consider joining me. 

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