Sunday, April 12, 2015

Digital Poetry

My Poetry Parade continues today with more digital poetry. Much attention is being focused on the art of poetry reading and writing this month because it National Poetry Month. Three writing communities, #digitpoetry and DigitLit Sunday created by Margaret Simon and PO-EMotions created by Mary Lee Hahn, are celebrating the poetic format this month. I have been enthusiastically offering my poems in these challenges when time allows. Tonight's original poem is based on Mary Lee's word, aversion. 

Today's word in aversion.


I had aversions during childhood
but positivity taught me 
to TURN these thoughts AROUND.
Childhood aversions 
revolved around food:
liver with its bitter taste
One uncle chased me 
until I ate the deadly food.
squiggly eels
cooked at high pressure:
Another uncle made me 
made me watch the process.

Childhood aversions 
revolved around medicine:
cod liver oil:
slimy, not kid-friendly
burning, crying out-loud pain
upon application

Childhood aversions 
revolved around Catholic school stories:
extreme punishment:
ruler slapping, hand tying
air raid drills:
scary walks to a basement level,
end-of-the-world comments,
running home afraid. 

Childhood aversions turned into 
distastes, abhorrences, loathings, and dislikes
but today, openness
and positive thinking 
turn what is not liked into 
what is bearable. 

How we look at life
changes negative words, 
like hatred, disgust, revulsion,
into new ways of thinking 
and speaking.  
CVarsalona ©2015. All Rights Reserved

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