Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Cordial Invitation

Did you see this invitation?

I hope you will take the opportunity to peruse the Winter Whisperings Gallery. It is an online collection of poetry paired with photography or images meant to showcase winter as a season of perspectives and nature as a positive vehicle for expressive voice. 

When you visit the global gallery you can see variety in the flow of thoughts and a unique focus on harmony and serenity found in nature. Each reflective writer's words surfaced from the depths of his/her spirits, thus bringing poetic expression to life. 

While some writers struggled with the notion that winter did not look like a Northeast winter, I urged all to relate to the season as it appeared in their locale. With this in mind, the gallery offers a range of landscapes from the frosty temperatures of the northeast to sunny venues and warm climates. Besides descriptive images of the season, some writers wrote about memories. Others reflected, allowing the muse to inspire them.  All listened to the whisperings of nature that led them to their individual interpretations of the season. 

This season, 
winter danced in patterns,
revolving in flight,
from nature's hand.

This season,
dreamers dreamed
of visions seen.
Writers wrote 
thoughts of note.

Then, a gallery grew
a vision of colored hue.
(Winter's color is not only white.)
Words have a magical power...capable of arousing the strongest emotions and prompting all men’s actions.
– Sigmund Freud
May the words found in the Winter Whisperings Gallery arouse your emotions and engage you in the art of observing nature as a vehicle to express your thoughts. 

Now please visit Poetry Friday at Robyn Hood Black's Life on the Deckle Edge where she has a delightful interview with Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong. 

Use this button created by Leigh Anne Eck to post your Digital Poetry this month. You can also stroll over to #digipoetry created by Margaret Simon and logo by Leigh Anne Eck.
Lastly, thank you for visiting my Poetry Parade

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