Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Slicing A Poem

I witness ocean waves rushing to shore
with bravado and strength,
desiring my words to flow
in similar progression.

  Movement synchronized with breath, 
  longing for a resting stop.

Desiring a rush of thoughts 
to break at the shoreline,
I quietly roll them out and reflect,
like the ebb tide in its flow.

  Slicing imitates the ebb and flow- 
  rushing waves in rolling movements
  against the sandy shore.

Desiring no earthly sounds to disturb my flow,
I engage in the give and take of gushing words,
eagerly moving with the flow of pen to paper. 

  Slicing captures the spirit of composition.
  Artifacts of life become the prompts.

At the end of my day, 
I desire the gift of time 
to slice a poem.
CVarsalona ©2015. All Rights Reserved


My Poetry Parade is featuring the word desire as the challenge word from Mary Lee Hahn's PO-EMotions site. The above poem is also being offered to the Two Writing Teachers' Slice of Life and #digitpoetry site, created by Margaret Simon.

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