Wednesday, March 23, 2022

#SOL22 Day 23: 22 Days of March Musings

  • 22 Days of March Musings

connecting with my thoughts:
scattered singed ashes,
trying to make sense of the nature of March.
nuggets of thoughts float along.
post-surgery follows.
The creative process continues
I'm ready for the slicers' party
to continue to write.
©CV, 2022,

I composed the above poem after many days of pondering how I could make it happen. Everyone needs some creative fun when writing so I gathered the titles of my 2022 Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge posts in a list format. An index poem to catalog my March writing so far naturally evolved from one title to the next. You can click on any words in green to link to a specific slice that is located on my Blogger website, Beyond LiteracyLink.  

I made one deviation from the order of which I wrote the poems. I started with the 2nd day of slicing, followed by the first.   
Happy Slicing!

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for this daily meeting place to connect with a community of reflective writers.


  1. I love this idea --- might have to try it! So nice to connect with you- hoping to see you in person soon.

    1. I think I might call this an index poem. While it took some thinking-it-through time and creating time, it was worth it. When finished it felt like I solved a puzzle, Clare. Thanks for stopping by. Are you going to the Slicers Zoom session? I hope to be there.

  2. Carol, this is a great idea. I have a list of all of my titles for this challenge but haven't looked at them as fodder for a post. Now I may have to rethink that and see what I come up with. Thanks for the idea.

    1. Bob, if you do write a poem cataloging your slices this challenge, I would love to read it. This format worked well for me and I think I will write a Part 2 by the end of the month.

  3. What a wonderful idea to reflect on what you wrote about this month. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Heather, thanks for stopping by. If you try the format I wrote about, let me know so I can read yours.