Sunday, March 13, 2022

#SOL22 March Musings Day 13: Nuggets of Thoughts

It is with a creative spirit that I connect with fellow slicers of the Two Writing Teachers' community for the March Slice of Life Story Challenge. Today marks the 13th day of writing.   Many nights, I slide in just before the stroke of midnight. Topic and content are not the issues. Time is my nemesis. There never seems to be enough quiet time to write.

March winds blew in with gusto.
The writer sat and pondered.
Thoughts circled,
Landed on a page.

 Below is an accounting of five areas of interest pictured in the thumbnail.

Day 1 - Thumbnail #1
Day 2 - Thumbnail #1
Day 3 - Thumbnail #1
Day 4 - Thumbnail #1
Day 5 - Thumbnail #1
Day 6 - Thumbnail #2
Day 7 - Thumbnail #1
Day 8 - Thumbnail #1
Day 9 - Thumbnail #1
Day 10 -Thumbnail #3
Day 11 -Thumbnail #5
Day 12-Thumbnail #4

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for this daily meeting place to connect with a community of reflective writers.


  1. Carol,

    Carol, I sometimes think those strong March winds just blow the hours away and therefore we don't get done what we planned to do when we wanted to. I guess time seeming to slip away is a good thing because it means we are active and retirement is all about staying active.

  2. Carol, Don't know how I screwed this up. Sorry.

  3. Time as the nemesis. You win. You are here and posting.

  4. What a full days you have! "Time is my nemesis" - this is so very, very true.

  5. Like Maureen, I feel you are lucky to have such full and meaning-full days! Thanks for sharing them with us with your visual creativity.

    1. Thanks, Chris. You are right I should feel blessed to have full days.