Thursday, March 24, 2022

#SOL22 March Musings Day 24: Late Night Thoughts

Presently, I am contemplating sleep
The kind that wraps me in a delicious dream,
Takes me to another dimension and
Pauses the check-offs on my to-do laundry list.

A few moments ago, I read through 
Several slices of familiar and new-to-me writers.
Time moves on, put down the pen, fall into a deep sleep,
The kind that takes me to another place and time. 

But right now, I realize my fingers are continuing to
Rhythmically type words that awaken my senses.
Inspiration flows postponing thoughts of sleep.
I find solace in the click, click tempo of one more thought.

Without delay, there is a soft nudge to rest.
The eye patch is no longer needed and sleep is calling.
I anticipate a restful sleep, the kind that refreshes the mind.
I wonder who else is writing late-night thoughts. 
©CV, 2022

Perhaps this song will help me sleep.

I thank Aggie's Currently slice and Terje Akke's Right Now slice for their writing models.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for this daily meeting place to connect with a community of reflective writers. 


  1. You express yourself so beautifully. I am not a late night writer :)

  2. Wishing you sweet dreams. I have tried to avoid late time slicing this year. So far so good. A week to go.

  3. Carol, hole you got a well deserved rest. Sometimes the click, click tempo acts as a sedative and lulls us to sleep.

  4. Love these two lines, "Inspiration flows postponing thoughts of sleep.
    I find solace in the click, click tempo of one more thought." - isn't it wild how soothing it can be to focus on writing, so satisfying that one even postpones sleep? I hope you are sound asleep now, dreaming of more wonderful words.