Sunday, March 20, 2022

#SOL22 March Musings Day 20: Slicer's Party


Invitation created by slicer Leigh Anne Eck.

Happiness is:
a writer's retreat in a cabin
 tucked away in nature's arms-
a place where wildflowers share space
with lush greenery for miles 
under an open wide cerulean sky.

In this quiet place, I shall bring:
my rose gold Mac Air, my digital journal,
to tap my thoughts on the first days of spring,
colorful pens, a new notebook, and my writing bag
that will fill my nature-inspired creation station,
along with a platter of homemade sugary-sweet cookies
to share with fellow writers.
My iPhone is always with me to pipe in

Within this haven where the writing muse visits, I will:
hang an inspiring quote by Annie Proux,
"You should write because you love the shape of stories
and sentences and the creation of different words on a page",
and lean on others for support and advice
on poems and photographs created.

This evening, I slowly float into dreams,
a sanctuary of thoughts, 
as I stare into an indigo sky.
Within this great expanse, I find peace.
©CV, 2022

Thank you to:

Leigh Anne for a much-needed writing retreat.

Two Writing Teachers for their daily meeting place that connects a community of reflective writers.


  1. This is beautiful! It does not surprise me that your RSVP is in the form of a poem!! You have captured the tranquility, the connection, and the happiness of writing together...even if it is in our imaginations. Thank you so much for joining and the nudge for me to host again this year!

    1. Leigh Anne, even an imaginary retreat provides sustenance to continue the writing journey. I think you idea for this year is creative and I was thinking perhaps we could have a brief Zoom party in the future. Thanks for stopping by. You are a terrific hostess.

  2. Carol, you have all the fixings for a quiet, productive writing experience. Colorful pens and a new notebook will capture the beauty of a spring day. Soft inspirational music will help set the relaxing mood of the day. Lots of writing, sharing, laughing, and companionship will be had by all.

    1. Thank you, Bob, for your lovely comment. Spring has sprund and yur thoughts help me plan my next slice.

  3. Carol, this is beautiful! I love your poem! Your first two sentences hooked me. My first thought after I read your poem was, YES! I want to go there, too! It is like where my nature retreat would be. I love "tucked away in nature's arms" with the wildflowers, "lush greenery, and "cerulean sky." I also especially enjoyed these lines "my writing bag that will fill my nature-inspired creation station,". I thought maybe she would put some dried wildflowers in her bag, pinecones, some of that lush greenery, and perhaps some bird feathers. Your last stanza is a perfect ending. I am wondering if you would allow me to use your poem as a mentor poem. Could I copy it including your copyright to put it in my binder of great poetry that helps me to improve my writing? You are a gifted writer. When I read your blog, I always feel joy and inspiration from your writing and photos. Thank you for sharing your gifts and spreading joy, peace and inspiration. I also love hearing about your grandchildren!

    My retreat would be in a cabin on a mountain with wildflowers near a running creek. That way I would able (not have to drive far) to hike up to the summit, sit in the sun and write about the valley, peaks, clouds, wildlife, trees and whatever treasures I found in the woods like trillium, trout lily, lady slippers and other wildflower. It's so peaceful on a summit; I always bring something to write in. Thank you.

    PS In the beginning of May I am going on a writing retreat in the Pocono Mtns. at Highlights. I'm taking the workshop, The Craft and Heart of Writing Poetry with Georgia Heard and Rebecca Kai Dotlich. Janet Wong, who I took three classes this winter with, and editorial director, Rebecca Davis are going to Zoom with us! I am thrilled about this in-person workshop and hoping it doesn't get canceled again because of the pandemic. The classes I took this winter were also with Sylvia Vardell. Janet and Sylvia are a fantastic team. They are amazing and generous; I am happy and excited that I got to know them, learn from them, and have a poem published in their new book, THINGS WE EAT A BOOK OF APHABELT POEMS FEATURING FOOD.
    Sorry to go on and on.

  4. I love that you made it into a poem! What a wonderful idea!