Thursday, March 17, 2022

#SOL22 March Musings Day 17: Creative Process

“Describe your creative process in no more than five words.”

The above prompt has been circulating through several Two Writing Teachers' blogs. I first read it on first-time slicer Charlene Doland's blog. 

My quick response is: Pause-Reflect-Jot-Rethink-Ink

I found a poem I wrote last year about the creative process and revised it:

Creative Process

early morning
brain churns-
waking from slumber (PAUSE)
thoughts interrupted-
brain freeze
creative impulses
 search for words (REFLECT)
no constraints (JOT)
open the curious mind
to a new day
of imaginative thought (RETHINK)
at day's end (INK)
when thoughts
are mulled over.
©CV, 2021, revised 2022
🥺Eyes are blurry today. Corneas need more time to heal.🥺

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for this daily meeting place to connect with a community of reflective writers. 


  1. Your revised poem captures your creative process so well. Thanks for sharing the updates with us all. Give your eyes the time they need to heal. Enjoyed reading your piece today.

    1. I took the time since I wrote this for self-love and healing, Tenille, while continuing to erite. Thanks for stopping by and your advice.

  2. Makes me think that I don't really have a process. Might be something to consider. I also struggle with being in the FLOW and then not. What is it that takes me to that place- the flow. Different places have different purposes. Thanks for slicing.

    1. Meggin, it is good meeting you here. I think if you ponder how your flow moves forward and then, reaches a flow, you will understand your process for writing. Sometimes, I need a shot of inspiration to get to the flow part. (I wrote about that on Day 22.)

  3. It is fabulous that we can describe the creative process in different forms - five words, a poem, a long text with paragraphs. I hope that your recovery from the procedure goes quick and well.

    1. While I am recovering from the 1st cataract surgery, I would not say it has been quick. I go to the doctor today for the 1st week post-op visit but had two other visits last week.

  4. Carol, your process shows the thought that goes into your writing. I know some who start and stop with number 5.

    1. Inking our thoughts would be my quick write, Bob. I would think it might be yours too.