Monday, March 21, 2022

#SOL22 March Musings Day 21: Welcome Springtime!

It's Here!

Spring is here,
Such a needed season this year!
Prancing in with sunshine and warmth,
thoughts of renewal putting forth.

I see trees start to pop,
As nature opens her floral shop.
Pinks and purples peek and shout
While winter shades fade out.
©CV, 2022

A quick look at what past Springs brought to brighten Earth:

In 2018, slicer Ramona Behnke captured Spring in Washington.

The above photos were in past global galleries of artistic expressions that I design for online viewing. I am stepping back into time this year and creating My Winter's Embrace Gallery. Stop back to see that unveiled.

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  1. Carol, how sweet! A huge smile came when I read, "As nature opens her floral shop." Perfect description of the flowers coming out, all at one time. We're getting more and more in the desert each day. Much more subtle, but still beautiful.

  2. Carol, spring is a welcome awakening. The colors, the scents, the feel is not matched b any other season.