Friday, March 4, 2022

March Musings: Dazzling Winter Greetings, Day 4

Did you know that I am a delitologist?  I collect postcards from the turn of the 20th Century  when "postcard collecting caught the national eye." I enjoy the feel and look of postcards from the past. Some of mine are ornate and embossed without the year that the postcard was sent. Many have inspirational thoughts and lovely illustrations. All of my postcards are sent by women to their families in different towns. The wording is short and usually, a greeting or a short note.  All allow me to reflect on the lifestyle of the early 20th century. 

Recently, I added current poetry postcards sent by poet friends to my collection of paper ephemera. Please see below my new poetry postcards that will decorate my house during future winter seasons. Thank you, Gail Aldous. Linda Baie, Robyn Hood Black, Carol Labuzzetta, Jone Rush MacCulloch, Jone Rush MacCulloch, Linda Mitchell, Sarah Grace Tuttle, and Tabatha Yeatts for your inspirational postcards for 2022, the Year of the Tyger. Thanks also go out to Jone Rush MacCulloch for continuing the Victorian practice of exchanging postcards.  

Within the postcards sent to me, I found poetic lines that spoke to me. I delicately lifted lines and combined them with a few additions to create a new poem.

(Found lines from poetry friends are underlined below.)

Here's To Poetry Running Wild (Robyn) in 2022!

 Alive with wonder(Jone)
Keenly see the future. (Carol L)
Blue skies smile at you. (Linda B)
Stillness deepens (Linda M),
indulging life layers. (Tabatha & Gail)
Arise, heart! (Tabatha)
Threads of moonlight glitter (Gail)
Soothe the frantic world. (Sarah)
Open wide. (Tabatha)
Aim for the sky.(Linda Bfrom Chandra Kochbar)
Summon your songs.(Tabatha)
Then, rest in the (Sarah)
purple shadows of night. (Sarah)
©CV, 2022, found poem

I join two writing communities today:

Poetry Friday hosted by Australian poet/author, Kat Apel.

A  Meeting Place for A World of Reflective Writers


  1. Carol, This is a lovely post. Thank you for featuring the postcards you got, including mine. I absolutely love how you said, "I delicately lifted lines!" Wow! How reverent of our words to create something beautiful of your own! Thank you, again! (I didn't realize that part of the exchange was highlighting the postcards received, so I haven't do this yet.) Do you think it is reasonable to still do so? I've kept them all in a bowl in my living room! ~ Carol ~

    1. Carol. I waited for all my postcards to come in. The mail has been slow. I am so appreciated of what I have. I love each card. You can share your cards when you want. Thank you for being the first one to stop by.

  2. Collecting old postcards is such an interesting hobby! And I love your new additions. So cool that you could make them into a found poem!

  3. Carol, how interesting. You get glimpse of life from bygone times through words and pictures/illustrations. I imagine the words written by the sender of the postcard could lead to many imaginative writing prompts. I wonder how many people still send postcards.

  4. Oh, what a gorgeous poem, Carol! You have a great eye for pulling out and combining lines into a cohesive, magical whole!

  5. An extension of found poetry here, Carol. Using something 'sent' to inspire your poetic response. Weaving words from various people and places into a cohesive new poem. I have old postcards my parents held onto. You have inspired me to go in search of potential treasure.

  6. Aim for the sky. Summon your songs. How exultant that sounds. Fascinating hearing about your delitology, Carol.

  7. How wonderful! Poetry is a gift of many layers and your new poem shows that beautifully. Well done.

  8. What a way to honor the postcard gifts you received!

  9. Carol, I love the poem you have created with the lines that spoke to you from the postcards! It is an honor to have some of my words included in your poem. I have to tell you some other poet gets the credit for "threads of moonlight glitter." I did not write that beautiful line. In your poem these lines especially spoke to me "Threads of moonlight glitter / Sooth the frantic world. / Summon your songs. / Rest in the purple shadows of the night." I love your "may your successes reach the clouds in the year of the Tyger!" This was the first time I participated in the postcard exchange, and I loved it! Each postcard brought joy and continues to bring me joy. Thank you for beautiful postcard! I love it! The lines that especially spoke to me from your postcard are "A cloudberry sunset peeks in/ Providing time to pause/ Reset possibilities/ Evening invites moon dancing." Thank you for your inspiration and joy.

    1. Gail, it is always a pleasure to see your work and correspond with you. I am way behind in responding to everyone but that is the way life seems to be this month. Thanks for your comments.