Saturday, March 26, 2022

#SOL22 March Musings Day 26: Winter In Spring

Cherry blossom trees are always the stars of the season in Washington, DC. 

Photos of a beautiful cherry blossom tree In January during winter and March 21st in spring.
-Kevin Ambrose, The Washington Post

With full anticipation of seeing the gorgeous display in the Tidal Basin, I sat in front of my young weeping cherry blossom tree contemplating how beautiful it looked even without full blossoms. Then, today while completing errands, an unexpected rainstorm blew in. A sudden sleet storm followed with swooshing winds and cold air. I thought of my little weeping cherry blossom tree shivering in my backyard and wondered if it and the trees in the Tidal Basin will continue to bloom.

Winter in Spring

©CV, 2022, Virginia


Thank you Two Writing Teachers for this daily meeting place to connect with a community of reflective writers. 


  1. There's an ethereal beauty to cherry trees, Carol, especially in the ice. When I was a child I traveled from my home in southeastern Virginia to Maryland to celebrate belated Christmas with family. Along the roadside small trees - I think cherry - were coated in ice, glittering in the sun. Looked like they were made of crystal or diamond. Your post reminds me of this. I so hope your weeping cherry will endure!

  2. Carol, Ice covered trees glistening in the sun make a beautiful sight, but not at this time of year when plants and trees are spring into new life. We are in for a deep freeze tonight and are worried about our daffodils. We will be out covering plants tonight.

  3. Some flowers are strong enough to survive the unexpected cold. I hope your cherry is strong too.

  4. I am thinking about this today, as cold temperatures and a fierce wind are attacking all the tiny bits of spring growth I was admiring last week. March doesn't like to let go easily!

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