Tuesday, March 8, 2022

#SOL22 March Musings Day 8: International Women's Day

Each year on International Women's Day, I pause to celebrate the voices of all women around the globe! It is a small tribute to women from all walks of life who are visible, positive forces in their family's life. Of course, the courageous women of Ukraine come to mind this year as they strive to thrive with their families during a horrific time of their lives. 

This year, the International Women's Day theme, Break The Bias, is one that asks us to reflect and act in whatever way we can. The following graphic is highlighted on Twitter as a global tribute to all who understand what it means to break the bias that holds society back and also to those who seek enlightenment on the subject. 

As citizens of the world, 
May we pause  to ponder 
What a truly gender equal world
Looks and feels like.
Not just in patches of areas we live in
But throughout the world.
Not just in some places of work
But throughout the world.
It should start in classrooms
Free of bias and discrimination,
Where differences are valued-
All voices honored.
It should rise across the skies
bringing light to a century plus
of struggle for women's rights.
Listen to the voices of the past,
and the champions of the present.
There is a strong call to action.
Recognize the human in humanity!
Stand Up!
Press on!
©CV, International Women's Day 2022

Poetry is the song that rises. Please listen to the  short video of young poet and activitist, Amanda Gorman, whose strong voice cries out for change that is needed.

As Serena Williams said,
"Every woman's success should be an inspiration to another. 
We're strongest when we cheer each other on."
I celebrate every strong educator's voice on Two Writing Teachers and cheer them on.
Each slice of life shares a single story in a  meeting place for a world of reflective writers who believe in each other.


  1. I’m w/ you in celebrating and raising up women, especially the brave Ukrainian women. They inspire and amaze me w/ their bravery, I worry for young women and the threats to their autonomy in this world. Beautiful post, Carol.

  2. A wellspring of empowerment and courage here in your post and invigorating poem, Carol - I celebrate the voices and stand with you in cheering each other on.

  3. Yes, Carol, we should cheer each other on. It is a shame that there are so many clamoring for the top that they walk over and belittle anyone who stands in their way instead of cupping their hands to give another person a boost. We need to heed that call to action.

  4. Beautiful and poetic words, Carol! This is our work, indeed, to create classrooms "Where differences are valued-
    All voices honored."