Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Finding Balance

In the midst of many home and work commitments, I think about the balance needed to juggle life. While finding balance is necessary, it is not the easiest state to achieve. There seems to always be a myriad of tasks waiting. My once user-friendly, endless to do list seems pointless now. The old check-off pads are being being placed aside while I figure out a more manageable plan to balance both my professional and personal life. 

It is a full time endeavor to savor each day so that well-being does not take a back seat. Daily life is a balancing act in which a sure footing is needed. Each month there is a new swing of the pendulum. While I may not be a parent of small children and an educator at the same time with all of those commitments, I am still immersed in the professional world. Interspersed with my work as a consultant are medical appointments, household upkeep, collaborative chats, connected educator initiative, and writing. 

The new year has brought a new wrinkle to daily life. Cold weather, Snowmaggedon, and redecorating have added addition tasks to complete. Lately I have felt as though I am walking a tightrope. There are too few hours in my day. One more task might make me pull a few hairs out. I like others have reached a frustration level so it is step back time. Since frustration does not let go, I have to purposefully release its hold. 

I have been reflecting on what I can do to end the endless to do lists and release any tension that interferes with well-being? Reading about positivity and its effects on well-being has been helpful. When I found the statement below by Thomas Merton, Trappist monk, spiritual master and writer, I knew that this would be a thought to channel my thinking. 
Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony. 
Balance and order are the structures needed in life while rhythm is the beat that allows harmony to find its way into human hearts. Finding balance is an important step on my journey. I need to create avenues leading to happiness. Here are some ways that I try to keep in mind each day now.
  1. Think positive thoughts
  2. Smile more often
  3. Eat healthy
  4. Observe life more closely
  5. Bring energy to both my home and professional life
  6. Pause frequently to reflect
  7. Breath in and breath out slowly
  8. Exercise
  9. Return to the yoga studio to find my center
  10. Be joyful

The educator's role is an important one as influencers of students' lives, so we need to care for our well-being. Being full of a playful and adventuresome spirit definitely helps in finding joy in life. Isn't the old adage, all work and no play, still true today? Having endless to do lists only adds stress to our lives so be mindful of what it takes to feel centered. Finding balance in life is a gift we can give to ourselves. I am grateful that I can consciously add its presence to my daily walk and I hope you do as well.

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