Thursday, March 3, 2016


In life, there are many people that we come to admire for their own special talents, unique gifts, and connections to our lives. Among these are the passionate teachers who give of their hearts and the poets who give of their souls. This week I received a gift from a poet friend that made me smile and lightened my stress from all of the tech issues that have engulfed me. 

A brief look backward:
After days of constant computer glitches and undue tension, a package was delivered on Tuesday. My husband called my attention to it and wondering what was inside waited until I opened the envelope. I was delighted to find two beautiful books of poetry, Fresh Delicious and When the Suns Shines on Antarctica by Irene Latham, plus bookmarks and a handwritten note. 

I admired the shiny covers of both books before I looked inside at pages of vivid images and lively words that danced off the page. A clever one about punctuation from Fresh Delicious caught my eye. Perhaps you will admire it as much as I. The books were a very pleasant diversion.

If you visit Jama's Alphabet Soup here you can find a highly visual review of Fresh Delicious, that includes poems and recipes from Irene's book. Then, visit Today's Little Ditty where Michelle H. Barnes also dishes the scoop on the book with additional peeks inside.

While reading Irene's books, I found a beautifully designed video, For the Beauty (Images of Peaceful Nature), that allowed me to continue my admiration for life and those around me. I hope you enjoy the awe-inspiring photos of the earth and the soothing music as much as I. There is a quiet silence to nature when viewing it through the lens of a Master Artist. 

Continuing my examination of the one little word, admire, chosen by a fellow slicer, Julieanne Harmatz, led me to a beautiful scripture reading from Song of Solomon 5. I broke the text into a poetic format to pause and reflect on each set of words. 

My beloved is dazzling and ruddy,
Outstanding among ten thousand.
His head is like gold, pure gold;
His locks are like clusters of dates
And black as a raven.
His eyes are like doves
Beside streams of water, 
Bathed in milk,
And reposed in their setting.

This song, filled with admiration of a bride for her prospective husband, led me to another thought. In my daily walk, I need to appreciate the small moments more often and truly appreciate what I see before me.

Today is Spiritual Journey Thursday, beside Day 4 of the March Slice of Life Story Challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers. The SJT community of writers under the leadership of Holly Mueller, another slicer, are honoring the one little words that guide our journeys. The goal is to incorporate thoughts about Julieanne Harmatz's OLW, admire into our post. Please visit SJT here.

This post marks the third one of the Clearing a Path series for the March SOLSC. You can follow the slicers this month at Two Writing Teachers here

In closing, today's task is to reflect on the word admire as it will me help me clear a path to positivity. In doing so, I will look closely at the possibilities life holds and appreciate them more rather than dwelling on the to do lists that pile up.

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