Sunday, March 27, 2016

Trust in the Message of Renewal

Hope radiated from the darkness. It floated in the air with the distinct aroma of incense. A single candle processed in. From that light the darkness was extinguished as candles were lit one by one. With faith and trust a community moved quietly into the light and so the Easter Vigil progressed. All reverently listened and reflected through every pause and reflect. A message of faith, hope, and renewal was proclaimed and we trusted as a family of believers.

Now, Easter morning is here and the sun is breaking through the grayness. We will gather as a family once again to walk the beach and find renewal in nature. Later, in the tradition of Easter joy, we will join friends to dine and celebrate. 

Please watch the short Animoto video I created documenting my Easter preparations to send out Easter blessings to all.

On DigiLit Sunday, Margaret Simon, is discussing the topic, trust today. When creating digitally, it is important to note that trust is essential as we send out our messages across the universe. With trust, I float my video and post out, hoping that my thoughts on trusting in the message of renewal will be accepted. 

In trust, we 
and export.
In trust, we
grow as a
In trust, we
that from
trust hope
In trust, we 
become one.
We renew
our quest
step lightly
In trust, we
our journey.

©CVarsalona, 2016 

Today marks the twenty-seventh post of my Clearing a Path series for the Two Writing Teachers' March Slice of Life Challenge. Please see other slicers' posts here.

DigiLit Sunday

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