Thursday, March 17, 2016

Simplify Life

When you are eager to simplify life, do not spend time juggling several balls.

An early spring cleaning spree has helped me clear a path to a non-cluttered approach to writing and life, but wanting to get as much done in a given day may not be a thoughtful plan. Unless you are mindful of each moment too many plans may lead to error, as I well know. I opened this draft today and realized that in the midst of juggling several balls I dropped one. My completed draft to this post was sent into cyberspace with no way to retrieve it. Having only a few thoughts facing me left me speechless or should I say writerless.

I turned to the wisdom of Mother Theresa, who in her saintly way started with what is possible. With simplicity and grace, she brought about change through a simple life of self-sacrifice and service. She exemplified the mantra, "Less is More."

While I am not saying that each of us needs to change the world, we do need to live a mindful life, savoring each moment to benefit ourselves and impact others. 



Awaken a mindful spirit.
Be present in the moment.
Delight in the beauty of nature.
Admire what is surrounding you.
Believe in a faith-filled and intentful journey.
Wait with bold wonder until the light of love and peace shines forth. 

Then, pause and reflect, before moving on.

“The fruit of silence is prayer, the fruit of prayer is faith, the fruit of faith is love, the fruit of love is service and the fruit of service is peace.” 
~Mother Theresa, A Simple Path

You can listen and read a sample of Mother Theresa's book, A Simple Life here

The Spiritual Journey Thursday (SJT) community under the direction of Holly Mueller is examining the spiritual side of each of our one words that guide our journeys. This week, Linda Kulp's One Word, simplify, is the topic of discussion. My Steps to Simplify Life Plan contains all of the one words in italics that we have or will examine. You can access the SJT site here.

Today marks the seventeeth post of my Clearing a Path series for Two Writing Teachers' March SOLSC - Day 17. Please visit the site here to read what other small moments slicers are writing about. 

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