Sunday, March 20, 2016


In my attempt to clear a path this March and savor the single, simple moments of each day, I created a new look for this blog and for my Wonderopolis Wonder Lead Ambassador site. Actually, the computer issue disaster that I experienced earlier this month precipitated the move to create a new identity for Beyond LiteracyLink

With the Wonderopolis Wonder Ground launching tomorrow, I was asked to populate my site with content. Wondering what the digital visuals for both Beyond LiteracyLink and my Wonder Lead Ambassador site should be led me to discover the bigger picture of design and the details needed. 

Brainstorming Ideas On What I Vision a Site Should Look Like:
Clean, simple style showing a creative flair 
     with varied, engaging content to share-
     colors and fonts visually appealing
     digital compositions conveying meaning
     and multiple texts worth your reading

Why the Site Needs To Be All of the Above:
When creating a blog site, I feel that matching the site to your identity is key. For my Beyond LiteracyLink blog site, I challenged myself to design a clean, bright screen splashing color across a page, much like voice that rises from within and boldly announces its entry into the world. On some days my mood is quiet and reflective so muted, watercolor-like digital compositions suit me, but on other days a bold expressive approach is important. My Wonder Lead Ambassador site hopes to be a place for educators to find wonder and inspiration.

I feel that the new designs invite "voice" to make its entrance and be received by teacher and colleagues as learners across the world. I would love to hear your comments on whether the styles I chose are ones that capture my thoughts as they splash across a page. 

What Readers Can Discover at the Wonder Ground:
The Wonder Ground is a site to "help educators make the most of Wonderopolis" so the creative team is working diligently to prepare for the launch. They encourage teachers to log in and visit the wonders of Wonderopolis. Once the site goes live, teachers can share lesson plans, blogs, and resources with colleagues and students. The Wonder Ground will be a "valuable portal for educators everywhere" and provide the inspiration to continue to bring children into a world of wonder.

Digital literacy is alive and breathing life into lessons, learnings, and life daily. 
Be Inspired. Create!

Today, I am writing on the topic of discovery for DigiLit Sunday under the leadership of Margaret Simon. In my own journey of discovery, digitally creating meaningful content is important.

This post marks the twentieth one of my Clearing a Path series for the March SOLSC-Day 20. In this piece, I talk about creating new designs to bring a new look to my blog sites. 

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