Saturday, March 12, 2016

This Week's Bests

Teachers have a long history of creatively borrowing each others' ideas. I will do the same with today's Celebrate This Week and Day 12 of the March SOLSC. This week, Leigh Anne Eck and Rose Capelli both gave me ideas to try. Leigh Anne used one of my favorite photo editing apps to showcase her Currently I'm list and Rose created a visual framework using stem starters to recap her week (you can see some of them below). Their work led me to create a similar format for my week's celebration of events. 

Energy was high at the beginning of this week and positivity in full force. I traveled from Long Island to Albany with a dear friend for a statewide conference.

This Week's Bests That I Am Celebrating

Something I Did For Fun: I tried out a new photo editing app, Walaxy, and transformed ordinary photos into creative designs that sparkle. You can see the original photos at the following posts, Morning Light and  Press On!

Something I Accomplished: Since spring smiled on us this week with her beautiful weather, spring cleaning felt right. When I returned home from my conference, I moved my winter clothes to my cedar closet and brought out the spring ones.

WONDERFul News I Heard: I was named one of the fifteen Wonder Lead Ambassadors for Wonderopolis. I was delighted when the announcement was made. You can read about that here.

Favorite Quote of the Week:

I created this poster of Romano's quote at

WONDERful Chats of the Week: While there are many chats I enjoy participating in this week it was difficult to find time because I was away at a conference. Two chats that I enjoyed chatting time with colleagues were #WonderChat about Genius Hour and #TeachWriting about poetry writing.

Best Outing: My family and friends took a short ride to walk the Long Beach Boardwalk. It was my first trip to the beach during this winter season. We enjoyed a magnificent afternoon. Even when the sprinkles came out, we watched the ocean and wondered how long the rain would last. Luckily, it was just a sun shower. The beach was calling me to photograph it. Even the seagull decided to pose for a shoot. 

Something I Look Forward To: Reading the posts from Ruth Ayres' Celebrate This Week bloggers and those from Two Writing Teachers' March SOLSC.

This post is the twelfth one of my Clearing A Path series for the March SOLSC. With positivity as my guide, I was able to clear a path this week to enjoy the conference, soak in the learning, meet new colleagues from around the state, and collaborate with them on the draft of an end product.

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