Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I Believe

At the beginning of March, Michelle Heidenrich Barnes interviewed New York State poet, Amy Ludwig VanDerwater. Amy, inspired by nature wrote and recently published Every Day Birds. You can read the interview here. For this month's challenge, Michelle and Amy announced the little ditty to be the following task. Write a poem about something small, an animal or object you see every day and do not usually give much thought. 

Quote taken by Michelle Heidenrich Barnes from an interview by Irene Latham 
on the Nerdy Book Club website.
As I started to think about this challenge, I searched for such an object and realized it was right before my eyes. After Christmas, I placed a believe inscripted ornament that my friend gave me in my front entrance for all to see. Since believe is my one little word for 2016, I talked about it, wrote about it, held it dear to my heart, and then, showcased the ornament. As many times as I passed by the entrance stand that holds the winter shopping doll, I had not stopped long enough to notice that the ornament adorned the hallway. I wondered why and then decided that this would be the small object to write about. I hope to be more in touch with my word ornament as I clear the path of winter decorations to make way for the spring ones.

Today marks the fifteenth post of my Clearing A Path series for Two Writing Teachers' March SOLSC. Please visit the site here to read what other small moments slicers are writing about. 

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