Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Quiet Nook


Come find me in a quiet corner of the house. 

I am a newly configured quiet nook, standing in sharp contrast to a lower level, messy office. 

I am a sanctuary of tranquility. 
For the past months in the midst of de-clutttering winter decorations from the living and dining rooms, I became a storage area. That was unacceptable, so a great exodus of winter items to the pull-down attic began. Slowly, my space was transformed. 
I am a peaceful writing place to slip into in the early morning hours. 
Styled in the fashion of a bed and breakfast room, serenity and simplicity exist in my space. 
I am a safe haven where time passes slowly but in my sacred sanctuary alone time is not lonely. 

I am a place that the muse visits; whispers her soft tune as the world unfolds each day. 
From the outside world, I hear the birds chirp. I imagine an array of thoughts floating out through the window and connecting with nature. In this flow, words circle back finding a home at my desk.  
I am a reading and writing corner, a cherished space for reflection and wonder. 

Come find me when the quietness of the house settles.

I am always here for you.

Is there not a better way to start the day than to be alone in my quiet corner of the house? 
No constraints or tasks exists here in my quiet space.
I am your place of tranquility. 

Where do you go to still the chatter, find quiet,
and invite the muse into your life? 

(Slicer Bonnie Kaplan is capturing all of the different writing corners to showcase them at Two Writing TeachersI sent in the above photo without the poem.)

Today marks the sixteenth post of my Clearing a Path series for Two Writing Teachers' March SOLSC. Please visit the site here to read what other small moments slicers are writing about. 

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