Friday, March 11, 2016

Press On!

It was a long walk from one town to the next but the warmth of the sun on a mild winter day spurred me on. Persistence and stamina carried me straight through to the junior high school I taught at many years ago. I caught glimpse of a huge piece of artwork on the side of the building. As I approached, a slogan, Many colors, one country, stared right at me. Diversity defines the community but unification was the announced message. Would this beautiful piece of street art serve to be a signal to all that a body of students united can bring about change? Press on, I say. 

Upon reflection, persistence led me on. Each step brought me closer to my destination. Students also need to be persistent in order to succeed. I think that the artwork you see to the right was an act of artistic persistence. Now, it is a beautiful reminder to a community that many voices can be one, united in purpose. 

I digitalized the photo to the right with the app Walaxy to bring the energy of the artistry to a new level. I hope my composition exemplified the passion of the young artists.

Today is Poetry Friday and the delightful poet, Irene Latham, is showcasing the Poetry Friday Round-up here

Irene has been very busy lately since she launched her new book, Fresh Delicious: Poems from the Farmer's Market. My post, Admire, honoring her poetic soul can be accessed here.

Today's blog post marks the eleventh one of my Clearing a Path Series for the March SOLSC. My walk from my dentist's office to the next town allowed me to reminisce about the early days of teaching and find a new message to ponder. A path was cleared toward reflection while providing meaningful exercise. I feel in order to move forward one must fully engage mind, body, and spirit.

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