Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Story To Be Told

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Story comes from the heart and so the day begins with a backstory that begs to be told. Have you ever had a strange gremlin or ghostly specter lurking in your computer system? Because I am impatient, I often quickly race through mundane tasks to get to the icing on the cake type of activity. Intrigued? Read on. 

One ordinary day last weekend, I started writing and right before my eyes, comments on my blog posts were disappearing. Strange? Yes, and what was more bizarre I could not figure out how to control the movement. This began my four day, stress-producing craziness with tech glitches. Three long-winded calls to Apple techs, two visits to the Genius Bar later, and I am still not completely clear of issues. And to make matters worse, after many attempts to rectify the issues, my comment section on my blog site for people who are not part of the Google+ community is spotty at best. The only way I can explain my dilemma is that a black hole formed around me, sucked me in, and really disrupted my balance. 

The tip of the iceberg during this mess was when I could not find the key to my new car. That added a new layer of stress because the key was the type of gadget that costs a bundle when it needs to be replaced. Since stress wrecks havoc on life, I frantically searched for my keys. Breathing in and taking part in my yoga practice did not seem to have a lasting effect and so the black hole kept getting larger each time I searched for the key and with each visit or phone call to Apple. 

I sit here now trying to relax with a movie, San Andreas, and Plan B (just like in the movie): reclaim my balance in a quiet spot, writing and creating digital poetry and inspirational quotes. 

This post marks the second one of the Clearing a Path series for the March SOLSC. You can follow the slicers this month at Two Writing Teachers hereEnjoy Day 2.

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