Wednesday, March 23, 2016

In Between Seasons

"Mother Nature does not care what the calendar says."
~CeFaan Kim, Channel 7 Reporter

-Yes, I did hear that correctly on the news Sunday night.- 

It may be the start of spring but Mother Nature has not let go of winter. On Monday, the first day of spring, she waved her wand and sprinkled Long Island with a fine white powder. By Tuesday, there was no trace of the snow left.  

Is Mother Nature playing with us? Does she want a last hurrah before she has to gently exit March?

While I personally enjoy a soft dusting on the trees and lawn, most people think differently at this time of year.  "Enough is enough," has been the outcry. 

To capture this feeling of discontent, I created a digital composition of the snowy white scene that I photographed on Monday.

Will Mother Nature bid winter goodbye this week to welcome in spring? Remember what the reporter said. "Mother Nature does not care what the calendar says."

This post marks the twenty-third one of my Clearing a Path series for Two Writing Teachers' March Slice of Life - Day 23.

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