Monday, March 14, 2016

Winter Flight

A few days ago, my family and friends decided to walk the boardwalk to celebrate Nature's glorious gift of great weather to Long Island. While we were strolling, the seagulls were circling. I tried to photograph their flight but had to be very quick to find one lucky shot. Good fortune was with me. I was able to capture one seagull taking off. 

I was amazed by the flight of the gull who appeared to be making an announcement. "Springlike weather approaching. Freedom flight in progress." The photo below cleared the path for my muse to whisper in my ear and then the words flowed. There was some word weaving before the final piece was complete. 

You do not have to be at the beach to watch birds in flight. Their swooning strokes, their gliding moves, and sometimes screeching sounds all signify that flight is in progress. How many times have you felt the urgency to fly like a bird into a quiet place where the sun continues to shine and the clouds carry your dreams?

Today, marks the fourteenth day of my Clearing A Path series for Two Writing Teachers' March SOLSC. Please visit the site here to read what other small moments slicers are writing about. 

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