Monday, March 28, 2016


I've walked the boardwalk only a few times this winter, each time gazing at the majesty of the ocean. Yesterday, as the sun shone bright and the wind tossed my hair, I turned my eyes away from the ocean to view what flanks it. It was then that I noticed a sight worth capturing. A single snowflake suspended from the lamp pole reminded me that life is a series of contrasts and that beauty is all around, if I but look.

As the wind blew on this in-between the seasons' type of day, I reflected.

-The ocean lures us to its shores. It roars in troubled times and softens its waves when caressing the land. It is a giver and a receiver. 

-The seasons come and go with their singular beauty and the ocean accepts all. 

-There is no stopping time as it moves in and out of our lives. We can accept what is before us whether it is a sight our eyes do not what to behold or a thought that enters as gently as the sea in low tide. 

Yesterday, spring opened its arms but the winter winds swept the boardwalk and a lone snowflake reminded me that life is beautiful in every season and each moment needs to be savored. 

This post marks the twenty-eighth one in my series Clearing a Path for Two Writing Teachers' March Slice of Life Challenge-Day 28

On this #CelebrateMonday may you notice what is before you today and reflect on its meaning in your life. 

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