Monday, March 21, 2016

World Poetry Day

“Human life cannot exist without poetry.”
~Haider Khan Hoti
Today, World Poetry Day, is a day to celebrate poetry across the world. As UNESCO says, "This day is aimed at encouraging creativity, inspiring the teaching of poetry and restoring a dialogue between poetry and other arts, such as theatre, dance and music."

Digital Poetry
Non-digital Poetry (Post-it Poetry)
Last month, twenty-nine days of poetry writing with Laura Shovan at the Found Poetry Object Project, cleared a path for me to celebrate poetry today and make preparations for the upcoming National Poetry Month and a special #NYEDChat Twitter chat on April 11, 2016. I invite educators, poets, writers, colleagues, and poetry lovers around the world to join me in a global, poetryliscious talk celebrating the creative spirit.
This post marks the twenty-first one of my Clearing a Path series for the Two Writing Teachers' March Slice of Life Story Challenge. Visit the Day 21 site here to read what other slicers are writing. 

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