Monday, February 22, 2016

Be Present and Believe

It's quiet time now. The kitchen is cleared for the night. Everyone is in their own space relaxing and I am free to write. I scan through my digital images to find one to inspire me.

But then my husband brings my attention to the full moon. I get distracted by the beauty of a solitary image set against an inked sky. In the darkness one round glowing figure lights the sky. From its light, I find my writing spark.

This moon is designated as the February snow moon. I have captured the snow sun so it makes sense to photograph the winter moon. While this is a challenge with the iPhone, I flicker away to find the right angle. Amongst the shots there is one that catches my interest. Click, click, click, it's mine for posterity! 

I go back to gaze at the blackened sky. The snow moon gently whispers to stay grounded in the moment. As the moon peeks through the trees, four words come forth - a call to action. One strong statement, four words, and a quote to guide my journey evolves from the simple act of observing and being aware of the beauty of the night sky. The mantra will become the premise of my upcoming March Slice of Life.

Be Present and Believe, my motivational kickstarter, speaks to me with gusto in the stillness of the night, as the February Snow Moon becomes a beacon to lead me on to additional creative moments.
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