Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Little Ditty

Created by Michelle Hendenrich Barnes
Do you know what a ditty is? My colleague, Michelle Heidenrich Barnes, does for sure. Her blog site is called Today's Little Ditty and it is always filled with wonderful author interviews, poetry, and monthly creative challenges. This month, Michelle asked everyone to create "inspired ditties" based on the word ditty that was chosen by award winning children's author and poet, David L. Harrison. You can read the interview with David and the invitation to write here

My ditty for the challenge was sparked by a new digital tool that I found called Ditty. The app uses short bites of familiar tunes and allows you to add words. The end result is a ditty tune. Since the word ditty is defined as a short, simple song, I lifted that to create my lyrics. (Be mindful that I am not musically inclined so this is pure fun for me.)

Still feeling the love emanating from Valentine's Day, I wanted to swoon to music like my mother use to do in her time. I started our with four lines and then realized the app would only allow a shortened number of words. Below is what I settled on for lyrics. What follows is my little ditty video created via the free app, Ditty.

My Little Ditty

A short simple song
lingering tune
that makes my heart swoon.

I hope my little ditty made you smile because it brightened my day. 

This would be a fun exercise in writing for students. If you use the app in your classroom, please let me know how your students react to this app. The end result should be an engaging experience writing a short tune.

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