Thursday, February 11, 2016


When Buffy Silverman submitted a photo of mounds of cream for Laura Shovan's Day 11 2016 Found Object Poetry Project, I surmised it was meringue on top of a pie. Then, I started thinking of the snow that came down in mounds on Long Island last weekend. Mounds of meringue and mounds of snow created quite the picture of a mouth-watering winter treat so off I went to create a poetryliscious mash-up of the two images with a little poem just for fun. 

Baking brownie cookies is coming next. Ice cream will be the reminder of winter snow. If you live in the snow-affected regions, you know that comfort food is a must during the storms. Keep that in mind when you read my poem below.

Poetryliscious is the sweet savoring taste of
weaving words together into a
poetic expression for public consumption.

Gentle Reminders:

The call for the submission of digital compositions for my upcoming gallery, Winter Wanderings, is March 4th. Since winter has been a season of varied weather reports, I welcome you to offer your perspective on winter in your locale through a digital composition of a poem and photo. Please encourage students to lend their voice and digital talents to the creative challenge. 

Find time to join Laura Shovan at the Found Object Poem Project or just read the array of poetry for each day's picture prompts.

Stroll over to writing colleague Kimberly Moran's blog for this week's Poetry Friday where she is writing about photo journaling. She encourages everyone to visit the blogs of the writers in the Poetry Friday community, enjoy their poetry, connect and comment.

Have a poetryliscious time reading poetry!

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