Sunday, February 14, 2016

Digital Treasures

There is a digital playground in the world of edtech where educators and connected colleagues have fun creating. When I am in that zone, I partner art and tech with literacy to create digital compositions for poetry challenges, my blogs, and the Reflect With Me Galleries of artistic expressions that I have designed. To attract writers, poets, bloggers, teachers, friends, families, and students to write alongside me for my global galleries, I have sent out invitations across social media for upcoming galleries. They have responded with delightful offerings that capture the majesty of each season in their particular locales.

Winter Wanderings is the title of my upcoming winter gallery. Its intent is to have voice rise from every location during this season that has vacillated with varying temperatures and dispositions. From Katmandu, Nepal to Long Island, New York, digital compositions will showcase winter as season of breathtaking beauty and people's resilience, not a season of blue moods. 

When thinking about digital treasures, my mind wanders to beautifully rendered digital compositions of micropoems embedded on nature photography. Margaret Simon, the creator of DigiLit Sunday has called these offerings digital inspirations, a fitting title. These digitalized nuggets comprise a special and valuable collection of voice that rises into the universe via social media platforms. As words are woven together into poetic expressions for public consumption, they become digital expressions of love sent out across the universe. Digital treasures are my poetryliscious moments to be savored. 

Since it is Valentine's Day, love is of utmost interest. The words of Aristotle inspired me to create this digital treasure today. It started as one original photo of a box of candy that was offered to my family as we watched TV together last night. I mashed apps together (Waterlogue, PicMonkey, PicMonkey Collage) to create this tribute to the spirit of love. Carefully overlayed details enhanced the single photography into a visual collage, all digitally composed. 

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

The heart is
the epicenter of love.
Within its domain
lies the capacity 
for infinite love.
Heart it.
Spread it
across the universe
so all can find
what truly matters.
©Carol Varsalona, 2016

Since a digital treasure goes beyond isolated parts like the two above, I enjoy creating extraordinary pieces that blend a digital image with the written word to convey meaning. It usually takes many attempts to find the right background, sizing, and visual effect but in the end I find that the process is worth the effort.

Enjoy your creation time in the digital playground and spread the magic of your designs to others as nuggets of heartfelt wishes. Now please visit DigiLit Sunday where the bloggers are gathering under the direction of Margaret Simon here to provide their interpretation of the topic Digital Treasures. As Margaret says, "When we teach digital literacies, we need to take time to notice the treasure in the details". 

May your Valentine's Day be as special as mine has started out to be.

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