Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Moving Out from the Maze

How often do we feel trapped by circumstances, unable to detangle ourselves from a maze of circuitous routes? More often than not these days, I feel there needs to be a pause button to reset life. Of course, appropriate tools would be welcomed to cut through the mucky vines. Then, I could easily move beyond the comfort zone and face the day with vigor and a flank of difference makers. 

At day's end, when the path has been cleared, how often do I reflect on which strategies were used to uncover the best route out of the maze? As committed educators, we owe it to our students to find the clearing that will energize learning and take it from old school to innovation.

Photo submitted by Mary Lee Hahn 
for Laura Shovan's  
Found Object Poem Project
Day 9.

A webbed maze of stripes
flash before me,
boldly jutting into infinite space.
Laser-like rays shoot forth
in powerful strokes
like high-rise steel
reaching unknown heights.
They catch the sparkles
glistening in the sun
with a hint of iridescent fabric
shining light upon the path.

And as if a force is guiding me,
I move out from the maze
with a tribe of dreamers 
ready to face another day
of clearing old, worn paths 
to make way for the new.
With vigor and verve,
I move into the light.
©Carol Varsalona, 2016

Movement in new directions helps find new cheese.
Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese

Please follow the path to the Two Writing Teachers' Slice of Life to read the varied slices by the writing community members. My offering today is part of a series of thoughts on moving into new directions. My one word believe has been affording me the opportunity to search for possibilities each day. 

As part of my slice, I created a poem based on a picture prompt for Laura Shovan's Day 9 of her 2016 Found Poem Project.

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