Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hide the Eraser!

When writing as a child, my eraser was my best friend but as I grew up I realized that I could be a better judge of what should be erased. Editing and revision are students best tools to create memorable pieces of writing. So here is my fanciful tale for children who are beginning the writing journey.

Magic Eraser rolled into town.
Looking silly as a blue-haired clown
erasing all that was in his sight
causing a stir and a great fright.
The townsfolk turned a shade of white
as all was lost in broad daylight.

Who would stand up for property rights?

A hero came with the speed of light
and took a very fanciful bite.
So limping away in domestic flight
Magic eraser left the suburbanites
and found other towns to rub out that night.

Morale of the story:
When writing, don't rub out your words when frustrated. They may be just the ones to fill your notebooks with snappy thoughts for blossoming stories and poems. (Hide the eraser!)
©CVarsalona, 2016 

Since I am a fan of revision, this poem could be tweaked but that is for another day at the writing desk.

It's Day 18 of Laura Shovan's 2016 Found Object Poem Project. You can access information about the project here.

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