Sunday, February 28, 2016

Spring is in the Air

Who can resist a spring flower to appreciate. At the end of the winter season, our eyes are ready for the bright green hue of springtime and the scent of fresh grass. Is spring in the air in your locale? Is it calling to you? This bulb is saying yes. Here is a little sing song ditty to get us ready for springtime magic.

Now please enjoy my invented ditty song, Spring is in the air
created with the app, Ditty.

Please visit Laura Shovan's Day 28 Found Object Poem Project where all of the writers are winding down from their February writing journey. 

Special Note:

DigiLit Sunday
Margaret Simon at DigiLit Sunday has asked that this week's discussion center on the the word safe. This is a most interesting topic for me at this late time of the night. When I think of a safe internet space, I want to know that I can write freely in my blogging space while promoting responsible digital citizenship online without worry of hackers or cyber blips. 

Today, I had a suspicious cyberspace ghost in my space. My husband calls it my computer ghost. I may have had 10-12 comments under one blog post and now have 0. The comments were visible in the right hand side of Blogger but I could not access them to reply to those who sent them. Cause for concern? Yes. I have been on the phone most of the night with Apple for strange goings on with my different Apple products and now I have been typing notes to the Blogger Tech Help Forum about tonight's issue. Oh my! Let's hope that this blog will be safe from any cyberghosts and my accounts safe from hackers. 

A few months ago, my Twitter account was hacked just before I was to moderate a #NYEDChat on the topic of digital voice. Subsequent to the hacking incident, my Twitter account was taken down, leaving me in a quandary of how I would moderate the chat.  I fought for three days to get my account reinstated. All issues were due to an insidious hacker. Needless to say, I am a proponent of safe spaces to let voice rise. It is my hope that this blog post will be able to be seen and readers will be able to comment without any issues.