Sunday, February 14, 2016

Indulging the Inner Cravings

When Laura Shovan posted the Day 14 picture prompt for the 2016 Found Object Poem Project, I immediately thought of comfort food and cravings. Since it is Valentine's Day, one should be able to indulge her inner cravings. Right? 

As I sit listening to the #EdBeat Valentine's Day Mix of Songs sent by colleague Sean Gaillard and gazing at the loaded baked potato image, I decided to spend quiet time creating. 

Craving comfort food?
I indulged my inner cravings this week.

Brownie Cookie Dough Bars for a luncheon on Friday

Poached eggs with bananas topped by Nutella and coffee laced with chocolate for the Valentine's Day breakfast

And there is still more to come tonight-
dinner at one of our favorite gourmet restaurants!

This is a yummy day to indulge my inner cravings.

Please check out the 2016 Found Object Poetry Project - Day 14 poetry offerings at Laura Shovan's site later on today or tomorrow.

Please join me as I continue to share the love of poetry next Sunday night at #ISTELitChat. I will be the guest moderator. It is my hope that my poetry, blogging, and writing friends will join in the chat to bring the power of poetry to Twitter. 

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