Monday, February 22, 2016

I Remember It Well

There is a time gone by.
I remember it well.
Nonnie's pride and joy
my charmed hiding place
its silent wheel in idle repose-
Nonnie's watchful eye
my pitter patter glee
its treasures stored-
Nonnie's small round bobbins
my tiny hands examining
its threads of many colors-
Nonnie's love for child
my love for Nonnie's hands
its shiny cabinetry-
Nonnie talking gently
my gleeful spirit
its busy wheel in idle repose- 

There is a time gone by.
I remember it well.
Her hands cradled mine
my hands longing to touch all she owned
its up-down- sing song motion

There is a time gone by.
I remember it well.
The dream to peddle 
what could not be
for a little one's hands.
Years later
mother owned her own
I learned
it was loved.

Generations passed.
owned her own machine
its needle busily moving again.

Nonnie passed.
Mother passed.
Sewing machine lives on.
©Carol Varsalona, 2016 

There is a time gone by. I remember it well and pay tribute to multi-generations of loving hands engaged in creative arts.

When sewing a handcrafted item or creating a digital poem there is a process by which the artisan engages. There are steps, forward ones and backsteps. There are highlights and challenges. There are intertwined thoughts and feelings of joy, perseverance, and accomplishments. There is also a time to set aside what was done while waiting for the recheck. It is the act of creating that pays tribute to process while enjoying the rewards of the product. 

This post is being offered to two writing communities tonight:
  • Laura Shovan's Day 21 of her Found Object Poem Project that you can access here.
  • DigitLit Sunday founded by Margaret Simon. Today, the topic is Process or Product? Please visit the blog site.

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